Sunday, July 29, 2012

Phil Fried says:
— your implication that these failings can be attributed in whole (or even in greater part) to computer engraving applications is fallacious.
I believe you misread the comment here.
I thought Mr. Fetherolf’s point was that composers who were unfamiliar with hand copy, who have worked only with computers made more engraving errors. This seems reasonable.


Phil Fried says:
Its interesting to look at a vocal work from an instrumental point of view. We seem to be talking about Pierrot’s orchestration as if the singer/actor and the voice was not part of the balance equation. There are many ways for a singer to approach this work and questions of balance, naturally, hang on this. Vocal fach or type such as opera singer,choir soloist, or spoken actress, various levels of combinations of these.
I love Lucy Shelton’s approach. I’ve heard her perform it three time live. Yet Schoenberg recording with an actress, which I also love is very different.
Freedom of expression for the voice, and the vocal composer, starts here and for me that is much more important than the creation of a new ensemble type that continues to this day.
Though I suppose that’s not too bad either is it?
Phil Fried

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