Thursday, September 12, 2013

Lets hate the arts

 For a while now I've had a sneaking suspicion that people who should know better are taking an axe to the arts.  This includes rich non profit executives who have a single vision of the world and their enablers.  Peter, a composer, has no interest in using music as a solution to the problems his nonprofit seeks to solve.    Bill Gates refuses to support the arts.  Oddly though they both support public school curriculum reform and both approaches are arts free!! 

Schools without arts that will make the world a better place.

Here we have a false choice.  Supporting the arts kills children.  Really?  Shameless.

What about El Sistema?
Why not pick on the pet owners?  What is obvious to me is the idea of a "healthy productive life" as Bill Gates proposes is joyless. 

My response re-posted here

Can art feed hungry people? No, it cannot. "

Sometimes it can ---many folks earn a living in the arts.
In addition El Sistema has brought many people out of poverty.

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