Saturday, May 26, 2012

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 This is a self described term.  These folks don't want to be associated with Schoenberg or Babbitt, they also wish to mask their own university connections. 

Phil Fried says:
I agree that there is a certain anxiety in the term “alt-classical.”
This draws a distinction away from “new music”
So for example; why not alt-new music?

In any event the light classics must be allowed to reinvent themselves.
The problem is that “light” as in “new music light” would seem a pejorative.


“indie” is really telling you what it ISN’T: it’s not produced by large corporate entities… 
If you include in your definition of “large corporate entities” institutions such as universities, as I do, then the exact opposite is true.


Phil Fried says:
Be your own gatekeeper? 


Yet even with the “self made” ensembles mentioned here connections with major institutions are implicit and have never been despised (though oddly not mentioned).
Composers compose. Happily some composers have a body of work that possess a natural proclivity to find resonance with the public. 

On the other hand attempts to “science” that public resonance through any means necessary can certainly be achieved, but for what result?

 Phil Fried says:
This claim that learning business skills somehow results in bad art is ridiculous....

I agree. Yet the ratio between the quality of the product and the quality of the marketing tends to vary.

Phil Fried says:
Good luck at Starbucks….. 

I might point out Jessica that even for a professional marketeer your response is way harsh. You might have said that blogging in itself is marketing. It is. You could point out that many universities etc. do their own publicity in house so for them folks marketing is unavoidable. Also, Dennis has his own radio show which is not a bad place for product placement, that is new music. In fact Dennis is actually quite good at marketing himself.
Why then the fuss? Well for some that’s because the unfortunate image of the composer as a glad handing, log rolling careerist is not easily displaced even by those who would be curmudgeons.

Myself included. 


I do love coffee. (see the picture).

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