Saturday, March 24, 2012

the subject was ....

 Nothing is more irritating then folks who think the invented the wheel merely by posting a picture of some one else's wheel.  So to here the reporter think they invented the story ( all the "My post.My ..I..")
Strange. The intersection of art and politics is fraught with complications both public and private; personal experiences (on both ends- good and bad), personal beliefs, group think, human nature, and  public policy. 


Philip fried says:
Robb, no matter how you try you can’t claim ownership of someone else’s problem. Benevolence too, has it hazards.

Phil Fried says:
Perhaps to disparage a composer with a descriptor “woman… etc.” is to also admit that there are problems in our profession at least with jealousy. Politics exists in our world and any attempt to divide the art from the artist is a quagmire.
Yet, when it comes to our own failings we are quick to blame someone else.

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