Friday, December 30, 2011

a troll is a troll--I mean really?

 As usual my points seem to subtle for folks to respond to.  Naturally I tend to see red when ever MTG makes a comment, and sadly it seems that alleged Ariel is just another troll as revealed when I tried to agree with her.  

Phil Fried says:
Certainly a lot of recently composed music is being performed in New York City. Whether this activity fully represents new music is another question. Rather the NYC scene may represent new music yet not include it.

Phil Fried says:
On second though these two articles seem to restate that old sawhorse uptown/downtown.

Something like this:

Composers in group “a” are performed in what composers in group “b” call museums. (Arts institutions). Composers in group “b” prefer to be performed in museums. (Arts institutions). 

Did I miss something?

Phil Fried says:
“..In my concert travels I have yet to find people who
buy tickets to a concert based solely on a review by any critic…”

I believe those folks are called snobs.
I know more than a few.

Phil Fried says: “..but to call people who think for themselves snobs is a misdirected shot -..”

Why yes it is. It seems that you completely misread my post. I was actually referring to the folks who don’t think for themselves.

 Phil Fried says:
“Mr. Fried, you may allow other people to think for you…” 

That’s a good description.

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