Saturday, December 3, 2011

 Being reduced to a scold ain't fun-but really. Worse these folks claim that composing for a bassoon is somehow less likely to get a performance than an orchestral work?  Oh my imagine how many bassoonists there are compared to say string quartets?  Solo instrument music especially for college players is  lucrative indeed.

Phil Fried says:
For me the connection is tenuous. Film scoring is mostly an instrumental form. Opera is not. On the other hand if your expectation is a dramatic reading with the words set to music, heterophonicly, to the underscoring fine. In fact I sent a letter to MN opera some time ago to that effect. What I had in mind was to turn classic movies into operas using their original sound tracks. Obviously the same procedure could be used to create new works


Phil Fried says:
I like harmony and counterpoint. Then again I don’t teach in a university.

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