Saturday, November 5, 2011

this week even more censorship

Phil Fried says:
I think this is the reason composers organizations disprove of pay to enter contests. If you want to know which new music ensembles funded their, well lets say, pre-selected intends and themselves with high priced entrance fees from the losers just look at the old competition notices (fees) and then the relationships with their final selections in their programs. A little detective work can do the trick. 

I will not name names. 

On the other hand, I suppose this is no worse than the guaranteed performances available as a gratuity to college faculty. 

Oh. There was a particular competition in Florida, I think it was a vocal competition that charged high fees and did not award a prize for a number of years–they were finally closed down by a lawsuit. Anyone have the details.


Phil Fried says:
There are plenty of experimental composers who have reputations to uphold, just as many as “conservative” types. 

This is besides the point. 
Any composer who pays for their own performance is an amateur. 

Professionals get paid. 


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