Saturday, September 24, 2011

a little late but...

 Generally I don't like to blog on S.  as the ideas are so predictable and self serving, so too Armando. On the other hand a little reality is not a bad thing. cles/the-audience-does-not-exist/

Phil Fried says:
For classical music there are three kinds of audiences members; interested, disinterested, and captive. Though I am not convinced that art, or an artist, can exist without the disinterested audience; it takes some folks longer than others to find it. Perhaps since my motto is no sonic prejudice my view is atypical.

Phil Fried says:
“..I just shake my head when composers say, as they so commonly do, that there’s no such thing…”

Well I guess my view isn’t so atypical after all.

Phil Fried says:
“..I’ve always thought a charismatic, self-confident, engaging personality could transcend these “boundaries” contemporary music’s impact…”
Don’t you mean “a charismatic, self-confident, engaging personality’s music could transcend these “boundaries”??

Or are you saying its more important to be interesting than to be talented? Well perhaps so but no one, no matter how charismatic, can sell me a musical idea unless I can hear it.

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