Saturday, August 13, 2011

things heat up about artists getting paid and I confuse MPR with TPT a small update

phil fried says:
I believe that the statistics are this: 96 percent of Americans say that the Arts are important, but only 26 percent think that artists are important. This disconnect leads to the belief and the process that artists don’t need to be paid. Recently I was offered the chance to have my music used by MPR, but they wanted my music with out any restrictions and for no money — forever. When I asked for a shorter commitment on the advise of ASCAP they passed (well they suggested that this project wasn’t for me).
Phil Fried says:
“… If those stats meant all that much then we wouldn’t be having this discussion, we’d all be cashing huge checks!..”
You miss the point Andrew the general acceptance of art rather than the artist themselves is why we don’t cash huge checks.

 Phil Fried says:
Thanks Andrew. You misread me. For me it seems that everyone wants something for nothing. Artists are gifted people. Art can be given as a gift. If we don’t pay the artist for their gifts art dies. So does the artist.
Phil Fried says:
My Mea Culpa
It was TPT not MPR–sorry.
Phil Fried
phil fried says:
“…The idea that we’re all hard working artists (and labels) deserving of financial support…a pipe dream …”
Um I’m not talking about financial support I’m talking about artists being paid for their work. Not quite the same thing is it? That is unfortunate vision that most folks have: artists don’t need to be paid they only need support!

Though it is perhaps true that some composers may never be paid for their work, they can certainly try to have the opportunity. True there are over 10,000 composers in NYC alone yet that does not absolve those folks (gatekeepers)who would never think of doing their own job for free, for asking artists to work for nothing.
Oh, Besides TPT something else.

 phil fried says:
“..But I’m not arrogant enough to think that there is some inherent commercial value in my personal artwork. And I’m quick to judge anyone who makes this argument to be a real jackass.,,,I’m quick to volunteer my money when I feel like someone else’s art benefits me. And if someone can make a living pursuing their own art in a way that benefits others, I completely support that…”
Thank you JW for putting it all out there. The fact that you make money for working on spec is exciting. It does seems that your thoughts show some inconsistency and a not a little anger (or perhaps larding over as well). You are willing to be paid for your own work yet are not willing to attach a value. Your job does. You are willing to “volunteer” money (not pay for)artists who perform public service. That is; artists who benefit yourself and others.
Or did you have some other meaning for a benefit?
Yet you also say that being artistic or commercial makes no difference. You say that one should work in a way that benefits others yet you proudly say that you work for “the man.”
Don’t we all? You talk about the needs of the masses yet many artists do quite well without them or the need to create public benefit.

I have to say JW you are not really saying that artists are unimportant rather you are saying you don’t much like them. Not the same thing. [Jw response to this is too repeat himself like many others he doesn't like artists -not the same thing]


 Phil Fried says:
Blogging saved my life. Whats left of it.
Phil Fried

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