Saturday, July 16, 2011

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 Robert Greene's chicken soup for the would be gangsta is creepy and odd yet it seems that everyone hedges their bets. Oddly it seems that, at least at NMB, the profession of music has none of the drawbacks of the visual arts or of theater--who knew?

Phil Fried says:
Robert Greene, who I quote here, takes a different tack (even as cynical as I am I can’t agree with him). Rather he sees the social network as far more important than the music. As, for him, that is where success is built.
“There is a university called CalArts in California. I have friends who have gone there. Very interesting place. It was a school that was formed in the sixties, essentially, and basically it is an arts school. They discerned that the art world, there is no more political, crabby, competitive, mean-spirited world than the art world. Because what makes a great work of art or film is very subjective. So there is a lot of politicking. And they created this university to literally train their students to be good at that. They created this thing where you had to learn how to deal with your professors and deal with the politicking and talk about your work in a way that would charm and seduce. And actually develop the kind of political skills that you are going to need when you later go into the art world. That is kind of a unique thing for a university,…”
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Phil Fried says:
Frank. One wonders what would happen if us new music folks could match that marketing muscle for a year.
Any thoughts?
Phil Fried

Phil Fried says:
“..The goal is to help them learn the values of our society…”
That would be the important value of mass marketing.
Phil Fried

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