Friday, July 22, 2011

NMB and SQ21

Armondo has done the Mea Culpa before.  What is one to think?  Revolutionary? Nope.

Phil Fried says:
Pointedly the NY times and others have made a big deal that kick starter is all about “do it yourself.” Evidently something has been left out of this picture as there was no mention of any hired hands to help. No disrespect but doesn’t hiring a “savvy social media publicist” defeat the purpose of kick starter? Or what it claims to be? At least it skews the outlook. If I were cynical I might even consider that the funding in some cases wasn’t even needed.
I want to thank SQ21 for letting us in on the inside information before I try again.

Phil Fried says:
Chris I trust you period. I don’t begrudge the success of others. At least I try not too. The more the merrier. Nor do I think that promotion or self promotion is immoral. The problem I have is the constant framing of advice and “opportunities” for artists without transparency. I was happy to see it here, crankiness aside.


Phil Fried says:
Since many folks purchase the coolest current book, that they never read, I suppose its no surprise that folks would buy cd’s they never listen to for the symbolism alone.

Phil Fried says:
“But its purpose is to sell CDs, not to piss people off,..”
But Armondo since you can’t be all things to all people this has to be finessed. Pissing the right people off can create controversy which oddly can be great for sales. We are providing publicity even as we speak. As I remember the theory is there is no bad publicity.

Phil Fried says:
As to Jan Swafford it seems odd to me that one would frame an argument about style on the least know composer mentioned, and to complain not about a composition but an arrangement. Otherwise I like it the article. I myself have no truck with those improvisors/composers/sound artists who do nothing but play loud.
That is a fact but it is also only my opinion.


Phil Fried says:
“If pop musicians played and recorded nothing but covers and older chestnuts, how could they make a living?”
Music can be of a time and place and perhaps that remembrance is even more important than the music that perfumes it.
Nostalgia aside I must agree with Paul.
In fact it can be argued that a great deal of “up to date” sampled music is just reworked oldies.
Phil Fried

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