Saturday, June 18, 2011

well its blog time again

DS blog is infuriating again lets see  unlike theater or any other collaborative art nothing can ever spoil collaborations in music?  mmmmmmm.   Also why is it that all the bloggers here can't praise their own performances enough that they must use straw man arguments? No mention of the other composer on the double bill either.  Lastly a "crime story" that has a mystery--wow that new.
He asks for comments then doesn't like them so ignores the issues As he is an insider he just doesn't get it --true the other comment by DR don't make sense--but my point is different well I though it was. 

Phil Fried says:
“What if… revolutionary creators of theater and music worked together to create new performance works outside of the traditional rules of “musical theater” and “opera”?
But David these folks believe that this is exactly what they are doing right now. Further the focus on musical accessibility even among folks like Nautilus Music-Theatre means that one tradition merely replaces another.
Phil Fried, no sonic prejudice
Phil Fried says:
“Boy, you guys are all sunshine and light.”

David. There are those who accept the system as it is and those who don’t. Just because I chose to struggle against the currents of today’s art does not mean I refuse sunshine and light.
Rather I see the breaking dawn ahead.
Lovely view.
Phil Fried, no sonic prejudice


Phil Fried says:
Ok let me get this straight. This “Bravo guy” hangs around orchestras and yells every time he hears your brand new work.
Whats not to like? In fact I would be more than happy to provide music to any orchestra to replace those composers who would prefer not to be irked by said person.
Phil Fried, lets talk. 

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