Monday, May 9, 2011

forgoing the inside

Its been a number of years since I left the world of the insiders to fly solo. This decision of mine created consternation among my former supporters.  At the time I didn't realize that such a decision would reflect on those who would be associated with me. Turning down important awards and gatekeepers has its price.  Still from time to time it does pain me to know that I will not be considered for grants jobs etc. because of that decision.   The insiders will have it period.  Yet whatever I do get I know its mine. 

see below 

Dear Composer,[yes I do have a name]
Thank you so much for your application to the Composer In Residence Program. We received a total of 173 entries from a diverse and talented range of composers. Unfortunately your work was not selected to proceed to Round 2 of the selection process.
On behalf of my colleagues at the Opera Company of Philadelphia, Gotham Chamber Opera, and Music-Theatre Group, best wishes in your future work and thank you for your interest.
Kyle Bartlett

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