Saturday, April 9, 2011

NMB Phil talks tough

Personally I don't understand David's post at all. Art form--bad?

He mentions Bernstein but neglects to point out that Bernstein  himself was a purveyor of Jazz/classical cross over music, and could be argued that it was his best music too. It his music that I love the best anyway--his Broadway stuff.   Perhaps he refers to cross over music that like oil and water refuses to jell and makes it pretty easy to say--this is jazz--this is classical---this is improvisatory etc. Yet it doesn't add up, even if it entertains.
I get that.  On the other hand there is Ralph Shapey who used the big band sound as a gateway into new music.

That's different.

Again MCL doesn't get who happens to be on the same page, and ties together folks who in fact  have nothing to do with each other.

Tradition whose tradition?
By philmusic
Music is a living thing. So much recent historiography seems to reflect self interest rather than a search for truth. Then again why not--folks got to eat. I have pointed out before that music history is just as likely to be written by the "losers" as by the "winners."

As an improvisor I insist on choosing my own history. Then again improvisation is the one subject I never studied formally

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PS I always thought that it was bad manors to correct grammar in blog posts-except my own.

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