Thursday, March 10, 2011

ok its Thursday

Its the usual suspects this week mouthing off and being pedantic generally to prove that they are right and smart and so above it.  Haters all. They say things but give nothing!!!

Mark presents generalizations that are inconstant --people born in the 90's like the Beatles melody and at the same time they listen to and support a popular music without melody.--do they long for the good old days of hoop skirts etc as it seems that Mark does or is their pop music unrepresentative? How can he extrapolate from his small sample?  Further he suggests that the only way to understand this conflict is the buy and read his book. Not likely. I have already stated that motion music is more akin to pop music than classical music.    Phil and  Colin replied with big ideas that seem to trump Mark--yet fall flat. Thats because they are not talking about the same thing-what they say is true but not for the music that Mark is talking about songwriting verses composition.  

Laura Nyro
By philmusic
Laura is the only pop singer I know who used a lot of tempo changes in her work. Her album "New York Tenderberry" has some songs with a lot of rubato. At the time she was considered self indulgent for this. Unfortunately perhaps she still is. All the cover recordings of her works leave these tempos changes out.


Phil Fried

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Monday, March 07, 2011, 8:22:05 PM

...but not for me
By philmusic
"...It is our global folk rhythm, our collective minimalist composition that weaves its way through most popular music with endlessly subtle variations of timbre and tempo..."

Not sure what you mean by subtle.

Or our for that matter.

Phil Fried

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Wednesday, March 09, 2011, 1:33:20 PM

By philmusic
If you need to question what works or does not in art the scientific approach of true or false is irrelevant.

Art makes its own rules.

No sonic prejudice.

Phil Fried Phil's Page

Thursday, March 10, 2011, 3:15:09 PM

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