Sunday, February 13, 2011

Anna Nicole and the muralization of opera
Of course the rehearsal are closed --this was the directive at the last meeting in California of the gatekeepers.
Why not? This is certainly not about the composer--who? Rather it is an attempt to create a fashionable event   Any leaks would spoil it.  It has nothing else other than surprise to show for it.  Of course it will be an artistic failure.  Done deal that.  Yet as a mural it could be a success.

What do I mean by muralization?

This work was created, and if produced "correctly," should attract the fashionable folk. That is the part of traditional opera that will be maintained.  The Opera opening as an event of fashion.  That is everything is there but the content.  The title alone is seen as worth the price of admission.  This is the same as the faux political works coming from America.  As for content this work is one of many holding actions filling a slot for new music that isn't new.  No wonder they don't want critics spoiling the fun and perhaps keeping the important folks from showing up. At least Opera singers can reasonable replicate Anna's figure.

I doubt they would want to replicate her voice.

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