Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Why? Why is it that I am so put out by DS's posts?

From the very first post I had a problem. 

So its this:  anyone who contends a universal experience from their personal life might have some insight.  On the other hand anyone who portrays a personal career trajectory as a universal experience will always miss the mark.  

The constant speaking for others as if we were all on the same team or in the same boat is wrong and personally offensive.  The expectation that his personal and professional concerns are are own.  Further we are also expected to accept DS as our representative not based on his music but on his position as a professor of composition. Something that he naturally expects we all aspire too.  The transparent plugging of his benefactors.  Or the transparent political and self aggrandizing nature of the posts.  Worse for me is the constant avoidance of the separation of what is due DS  (not much) and what is due his position (everything).  Since his career is successful his music must successful.  For example he says he is a great improviser.  But who got to vote on that?   In fact every musical weakness is portrayed as a strength.  Why? Because he gets the opportunity. Opportunities we folks can't get. 

So opportunity is better than the art.

Without the job he is just another Joe Composer.

I admire leaders who take risks not passengers in a bus driven by the gatekeepers.

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