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Yes, Chris-I thought your comments were thoughful.

Phil Fried

Friday, April 11, 2008, 1:28:56 PM

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Its seems that some folks are really more interested in rehtorical gamesmanship than the issues themselves.


Phil Fried

Friday, April 11,

Is this post long enough?
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Odd, I thought I was just standing my own ground when the ruff stuff started happening. If I misinterpreted anyone’s "motivation" I have regret.

I didn't think that I expressed "against" anyone except that I was "for" Chris and the MN web site. Rather I merely refused to be drawn in to what seems to me an unfair (all or nothing -everything has to be perfect or its all wrong) attack.

I was not disagreeing with "content" I do agree with Dennis that the artist, unless they make da big bucks, is not respected in America-capitalism ya know. Rather I was trying to avoid this win at all costs prove I'm right prove I'm wrong banter. Which I have to say is pervasive. I admit I was defensive but why not? Corey you call me on the carpet---only then do you call for calm from all of us. I don't expect you to be Gandhi but it looked a little --well anyway.

Though I do present my opinion it is never my intension to try convincing others that it is correct. As to the importance of my own opinion I have no illusions.

Perhaps I am mistaken there as well.

Phil Fried

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to DC sequenza21 rply
By: Philip Fried Date: Apr 6, 2008 - 09:13 PM


For me this music never lets loose. Just when you want or expect a “song” (towards the end)you don’t get one –too composed for me. This work is also very dependent on its title for its ironic content as it could be about any business trip (if I heard the text correctly there is no mention of war at all). David, supporting American soldiers who lay down their lives for our country is not the same as supporting the government that sent them. Illustrating a dead soldier’s experience which is real, of course ennobles them. Perhaps you might wish to create a work of a different character maybe something about Abu Grahib or the government who sent them??
Phil Fried
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summertime NMB replies
By: Philip Fried Date: Jul 5, 2008 - 03:44 PM


A sort of non-review of my recent concert when I wrote Colin privately he did tell me he liked my work and that it was different- it was a serial work so I was surprised that he let the MN nice moniker  stick

We stand accused, or we sit on the fridge!
By philmusic - philmusic@aol.com

Charging Forward features composers:

Carol Barnett,

Philip Blackburn,

Jeffrey Brooks,

Mary Ellen Childs,

Brent Michael Davids,

Randall Davidson,

Mark Eden

Douglas Ewart,

Eric Fratzke,

Phil Fried,

Chris Gable,

Chris Granias,

Douglas Geers,

Brian Heller,

Dick Hensold,

Steve Heitzeg, Gao Hong,

Kathy Jackanich,

Marc Jensen, Libby Larsen,

David Means,

Scott Miller, Ann Millikan,

Mike Olson,

Justin Rubin,

Matthew Smith,

Carei Thomas,

David Evan Thomas,

Janika Vandervelde, and David Wolff.

Phil Fried--yea!! that one!!

Wednesday, July 02, 2008, 2:18:03 PM


A thought
By philmusic - philmusic@aol.com

When your not familiar with a composers other works I would think it difficult to judge them (style-wise) solely on a 2.5 minute work. Especially if this is not their typical mode of operation.

Advantage; song composers and miniaturists.

Phil Fried, very, very nice.


 this post came after Colins last so I ammenended it. I 'm not sure that Matthew was at the concert but both these grad students are showing their respective school ties rather than talk music.

he said... he said?
By philmusic - philmusic@aol.com

Mathew, arguing against Colin's generalizations by proposing your own generalizations provides little insight into the wonderful compositions performed on this concert.

So let me get this straight -- "thinkers" (Matthew) who are "nice" (Colin) had better quit composing?


Phil Fried, Oh, I composed two band works, Commissioned by Augsburg college. I was just "thinking" about them. Isn't it nice?

lets not quibble
By philmusic - philmusic@aol.com

My post was in between so I must addenda:

So let me get this straight -- "thinkers" (Matthew) and the "Emotional" (Colin) had better quit composing?

I thinks that just about covers all of us doesn't it?

Phil Fried, nice enough

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sequenza21 and a nmb reply---marketing
By: Philip Fried Date: Jun 27, 2008 - 09:34 AM


To explain my objections here has to with the "spin." I have spoken before of the disconnect between the gate keepers and the public. The gate keepers repeatedly commission trendy works that the public will not show a long term interest. The strange thing here is that this seems to be a repeat of the arguments of the1960's except it was serial music that was the issue.

Comment from Phil Fried
Time: June 24, 2008, 4:34 pm

It is perhaps hard to understand conclusions developed from aggregate statistics, used for a specific case, in this case “contemporary music.” Of course it would be no surprise if our definitions of contemporary music differ, and in the extreme at that.

I could be wrong but besides the production, spectacle, stars, etc. I thought people go to the opera for the voice, the emotions, and the music/drama.

Unless these content issues are addressed your going to need a lot of advertising.

Phil Fried



Why don't the famous teachers teah into courses?

Comment from phil fried
Time: June 14, 2008, 7:26 pm

“..I suppose this irony extends across the entire American education system: elementary school teachers are “more important” than college professors–since everyone by law must attend elementary school but not college. And yet the prestige is in teaching college–not kindergarten…”

David you have this reversed–In education its the teachers who teach the fewest students that are deemed the most important. Even with the same salary level those with fewer contact hours have the “better” jobs. Jobs and fellowships where you don’t have to teach at all are considered the best.

Phil Fried



Colin, thinks that composers are fascinating why not make it a marketing banner--OK! Well I try to be funny here!

Alpha males and females rejoice!
By philmusic - philmusic@aol.com

"..Would it be hopelessly superficial to market composers based on their personalities, making the case that their traits and quirks necessarily inform their music?.."

A fine thing Colin, but what if the composer doesn't happen to have a personality, just attitude?

Phil Fried, Chicken Little professor at the University of Lilliput, where small minds make small decisions.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008, 11:13:10 PM



Frank mentions that the finds architectural incongruities; old/new

jarring-yet this is not a problem with music in a concert hall.

human nature maybe...?
By philmusic - philmusic@aol.com

Actually,it seems odd that we expect complete consistency in our edgy creative types.

Why must recent composers also love recent; visual arts, architecture, poetry, fiction, dance, theory, fashion, theater, musics, etc?

Its these differences that make us human.

Phil Fried, Skidroe U. Free Beer!

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same stuff.. NMB
By: Philip Fried Date: Jun 23, 2008 - 01:04 PM


 final report from the conference -again being positive just seems so hard!!

Everybody wants to rule the world
By philmusic - philmusic@aol.com

Taking responsibility is the hardest job in the world. I'm with you on this Frank.

Phil Fried

I forgot to add-if you didn't know-
By philmusic - philmusic@aol.com

Frank, taking responsibility is also a thankless task.

Phil Fried, the Chicken Little Scholar at U. of Lilliput

someone has to...
By philmusic - philmusic@aol.com

Dennis, doing the right thing, sometimes just trying, can be its own reward.

Phil Fried

say what hieshbre?
By philmusic - philmusic@aol.com

"..It is the music educators that have a huge role in how the students develop their performing arts talents, because they are the ones who decide how much money music departments get..."

This is a joke right? In 20 years in the public schools I have never had a direct part in my own budget. Nor do I know any teacher who gets to decide their own budget. I can't even count on having a room to teach in from year to year. Sigh.

By the way my wife Janet went to Aquinas Collage.

Phil Fried, itinerate elementary band specialist Saint Paul Public Schools

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ok-ok another NMB reply
By: Philip Fried Date: Jun 14, 2008 - 02:38 PM


Frank asks us to ask a question. Again Willy O, after promising to never blog again and is back with the same stock "mystification" answers-and pleased with himself that he can find a mistake in Colin, and out Molly--again showing that a non-profit and a for profit have different rules for bloging.

I go a little to far on my "list" I think but why not?

Note:I was turned down for the travel grant for this very event!! (oh-that in no way informs my opinion)--I swear!

as long as you asked
By philmusic - philmusic@aol.com

".. to voice their thoughts about what the organizations representing the performing arts in the United States should be talking about this week..."

A glance at the artistic side of this conference didn't turn up anything that concerns my work. So here is my list:

The status quo.

Blogging strategies for maintaining distance and power. (How to talk down to people with out them knowing it)

Domesticating the Avant-garde.

New music, and without those pesky composers types.

Multiculturalism without poor folks.

Composer makeovers!

Education lip service! or why there is more money in replacing k-12 music teachers than in supporting them.

Music smuzik--Its all in the description! Artistic editorial you've got to spin it to win it.

Why are celebrities and glamour still so important?

Why appearances are reality.

Whose opinions can we safely ignore?

Why gate keepers make the best artistic leaders.

Sonic prejudice and how to maintain it.

The uneducated audience a problem or an opportunity?

Phil Fried, U of Lilliput, 12 centimeter beer run!

back on topic
By philmusic - philmusic@aol.com

while there is still time...

I was just at a panel discussion out here and the following points came up..

Why is the importance of the arts ignored by the mainstream (TV and print) media and what can we do to change this?

Since the mainstream media is dropping its arts and "classical" music critics and arts reporting in general what can be done to bring us back into focus?


Willy O, repeats what I say then, against topic, answers the first part himself. it seems that he has no questions.Now he predicates all his pronocements with maybe!!!! Yea Right!!!

below is a personal note I sent to Colin about his tussel with Willy

Colin writes:

"..In fact, kowtowing to audience-development pressure in the way you compose may actually damage your work's reception: Listeners, especially listeners under 65, can smell inauthenticity a mile away.."
Colin I get it--but perhaps the over 65 comment was unwarranted--you don't want William "I'll never blog again" to look good do ya?
Also I'm not sure what context them's opera companies told you that the MET was mess'in with them but overall regional music theater is doing great!
I wonder, and I could be wrong, that this has something to do with their not commissioning new works or taking on composers or risking trying new singers? Some folks, even in leadership positions, like to complain even if they don't have to or just to change the subject to where to they are more comfortable.
Now if them opera folks were telling you that the MET's focus on the visual aspects of the art instead of on pure singing and fach, or that their live telecasts with their ability for super close ups, were too informing their staging to the detriment of the audience--that would be different.
Then again it is also an opportunity.

downhill from here it seems us folks who didn't go to the party are crybabies

say what?
By philmusic - philmusic@aol.com

Actually, I attended this conference a few years back- to see the undersecretary of Education talk about "No Child Left Behind" and its supposed support for the arts.

Well ya see on a web page somewhere buried on their government website they do say that the arts are a fine thing.


If the Principals cut the arts programs or think that an after school program of 10 violinists is an arts program -well thats too bad.

Phil Fried



this is about the need to sell new music.

Its amazing how potent cheap music is
By philmusic - philmusic@aol.com

Well, I'm not sure that Steve Miller ever composed a "new" song.

"Abra-abra cadabra I wanna reach out.."

Phil Fried, 2 for 1 concerto special-operators are standing by.



about Charles W.'s new opera Brokeback Mt.

Comment from Phil Fried
Time: June 14, 2008, 4:00 pm

I’m happy that I’m not the only one still composing serial opera seria.
Did I say that?

Phil Fried



Comment from phil fried
Time: June 14, 2008, 6:41 pm

about copyrights--again!

I think I have to put forth the idea of bread and circuses here. Free entertainment always comes with a price. (even if it is indirect).

Phil Fried


About the irony of education and teaching why don't the big shots teach core classes?

Comment from phil fried
Time: June 14, 2008, 7:26 pm

“..I suppose this irony extends across the entire American education system: elementary school teachers are “more important” than college professors–since everyone by law must attend elementary school but not college. And yet the prestige is in teaching college–not kindergarten…”

David you have this reversed–In education its the teachers who teach the fewest students that are deemed the most important. Even with the same salary level those with fewer contact hours have the “better” jobs. Jobs and fellowships where you don’t have to teach at all are considered the best.

Phil Fried

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